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May 28, 2008 at 04:19 AM



Hi all,

Due to the nature of our business, we have to many orders that need to be shipped partially. Customers call and change their orders from time to time. In order for us to show items to be put on back order, we have to copy orders to Delivery. However, once we add the Delivery, we cannot make any changes except to move the orders to the Return, which can sometimes cause confusions. Instead of adding the Del, we save the Del. as a draft so that we have the options of showing items back ordered and changing the orders. If a customer changes his order, do we make the changes on the sales order or the del. draft? And if he changes his order several times, will we end up with several drafts? Many thanks.



Thanks for all the responses I've received. Here is the scenario:

Our customer places an order. Picking slip shows everything is on back order until we move the sales order to Delivery and specify what is being shipped for our warehouse. Before the orders actually leaves our warehouse, orders may need to be changed for various reasons- credit card denied, out of stock, just to name a few. Once the order in the Delivery stage, we cannot make any changes other than copying it to Return which can cause confusions if our customer calls several times to change the order. We are opting to save the Delivery as a draft. Do we make the changes on the sales order? If we change the order several times, do we end up with several drafts or will it override the previous draft.