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May 28, 2008 at 04:09 AM

Adobe Form - change text color of a tabl;e cell when building a table


Hi Experts or Anyone who had done this before

Please help me to solve this before I am going crazy...

I am using Adobe Form to map the data from an internal table and Use an ABAP pgm to call the generated function to print out the Adobe PDF for. I am NOT using Abode as an interactive form.

This is the layout from the Hierachy


| Report

| | Table1

| | | HeaderRow

| | | | HeaderRowField

| | | DataRow

| | | | DataRowField

What I am trying to achieve is that when the dataRowField value = 'X'. I set the color to red - But I cannot

get hold of the field value for comparision.

(sofar I have successfully loaded the data from an internal table into a table on the form layout)

this is what I have tried..

if xfa.resolveNode("data.Report.Table1.DataRow[].DataRowField[]").rawvalue = "X" {

// Set field text to red color (?) --How??


I place this javascript in the DataRowField ready:form event - Is this right?

Please help

I will reward points to any reply - Thanks