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Jan 24, 2018 at 10:09 PM

How to create a Tile to open Slipstream Engine Flavor?


Prior to implementing SP6, I made tiles on the Fiori Launchpad like this:

LPD_CUST - created a Generic Launchpad (per instructions in Power Play video #9)

Target Mapping - Navigation Type is "SAP Fiori App using LPD_CUST"

Now that we have applied Support Pack 6, I would like to create a Tile that will call a responsive Flavor. I read an article that says:

"When your flavors are ready, you can view them using the Slipstream Engine. To access the Slipstream Engine, you use a different URL that gives you access to the flavor through the Slipstream Engine rather than the standard SAP GUI for HTML."

Question: Where do I "use a different URL"? Do I need to set up a different sort of Launchpad or Target Mapping? Do I need to use a different "Navigation Type"?

I've been searching but I do not see an article to explain this - thanks in advance ...