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SAP BOE 4.2 SP4 Restful APIs - Custom Query Filter Prompt values are not returned

Jan 25 at 05:27 AM


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Hi All,

We are using SAP BOE 4.2 SP4 Restful APIs to retrieve the parameters corresponding to a report. Below URL is used.


This returns all the values under <lov> for all universe prompt filters, but does not bring the values for custom query filters. The below xml is returned for custom filters.

<parameter optional="false" type="prompt" dpId="DP0" primary="true"> <id>5</id> <technicalName>pmEnter value(s) for Country Name</technicalName> <name>Enter value(s) for Country Name</name> <answer constrained="false" type="Text"> <info cardinality="Multiple" keepLastValues="true"> <lov hierarchical="false" refreshable="true" searchable="true" mandatorySearch="false" searchScopes="Values" searchTargets="Server"> <id>UNIVERSELOV_DS0.DO1d</id> <parameters> <id>0</id> <id>1</id> <id>2</id> <id>3</id> <id>4</id> </parameters> </lov> <previous> <value>GB</value> </previous> </info> <values> <value>GB</value> </values> </answer> </parameter>

Country name is a custom query filter in the report, set as a prompt, having multiple values.

Please let me know if there are any restrictions in retrieving custom query filter values using the restful API?

Thanks in advance.


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Jan 26 at 08:19 AM

hi Arun and Dan,

The returned XML (or JSON) just shows that this particular prompt needs the parameters 0 to 4 to be answered in order to retrieve any value. Something you might already have seen in the legacy BI LaunchPad, for example:

In your example (not the one from the screenshot above), you might need to call :

PUT .../documents/{docId}/parameters/5

with a request body like:

<parameters> <parameter> <id>0</id> <answer> ... </answer> </parameter> <parameter> <id>1</id> <answer> ... </parameters>

Best regards,


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Thanks Eric. Your observation was correct. Once I supplied the rest of the parameters in the API request, I was able to retrieve the values for the query filter. Thank you very much for the help.

I am quite new to Webi and hence i have one follow up question on this. You mentioned that the 5th parameter required parameter 1-4 answered. How did this dependency get created? I created similar query filters for another universe and it worked without passing any of the parameters ! Just curious.

Daniel Paulsen
Jan 26 at 12:50 AM

Hi Arun,

the XML seems odd to me that there is a <parameters> tag with 5 ID's inside of the <lov> tag. I have not seen that before. Can you attach a screenshot of the query panel and the list of values you get when prompted when running the document in Launchpad?

Also, on the query filter, check the "Prompt Properties" to see if "Prompt with list of values" is selected. If this option is not selected it will suppress the list of values


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Thanks, Daniel for the response. The 'Prompt with list of values' was already set for the query filter. The dependency between the parameters is what caused the issue looks like.