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May 27, 2008 at 07:06 PM

Output type not proposed in Message Control when PO is created




I have set up the system to send a IDOC when a PO is created. I have done the following settings in the system to send the IDOC using the message control functionality in the PO creation screen.

1). Created a new output type ZNEU which is an exact copy of NEU output type provided by the SAP system.

2). Assigned the new output type to the output determination procedure.

3). Enabled the new output type ZNEU for ALE distribution.

4). Maintained the condition records in the system for the output type ZNEU such that for the P org, endor and Docmuent type combination the output shall be proposed.

5). Maintained a partner profile( Logical System ) and assigned the output type ZNEU to this partner profile.

6). Created a Distribution model for Sender ~ Receiver for ORDERS message type.


When i create a PO the new output type is not getting proposed by the system. I am not sure why it is not getting porposed in the message control.

I tried to manually enter the ZNEU output type in the system to see if the system is accepting. I am getting an error

Partner % does not exist for partner function LS

Any idea what i am missing? Am i missing any configuration or am i doing something wrong?