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Former Member
May 27, 2008 at 05:01 PM

Portal: Login Page Change Password


Hi Experts,

We need to create a 'Custom Change Password' page. This page would be directly accesible, like the portal logon page. Page would

allow user to enter userID, old & new passwords. I did try invoking the HTML form using the below code, however it doesnt work!!





<form name = '' method= action=>

<input class="urEdfTxtDsbl" name="j_user" id="logonuidfield" type="text" value="testuser" readonly>

<input class="urEdfTxtEnbl" id="logonoldpassfield" name="oldPassword" value="hut123">

<input class="urEdfTxtEnbl" id="logonnewpassfield" name="j_password" value="klmklm">

<input class="urEdfTxtEnbl" id="logonretypepassfield" name="confirmNewPassword" value="klmklm">

<input name="j_authscheme" type="hidden" value="default">

<input style="height:20;" class="urBtnStd" type="submit" name="performChangePassword" value="Change">




On click on change button, USER testuser is able to makes a login BUT the password doesnt get changed 😔