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Availability check

Dear Expert ,

Would you kindly advice me on below scenario where availability check in sales order perform just 3 days prior to customer requested delivery date.

Ex. If today order is created with customer requested delivery date 31 Jan & enough stock is available. But system should not perform the availability check hence stock should not blocked. Instead availability should perform just 3 days prior of customer requested delivery date that is 28th Jan only and stock to be blocked then only .

Please Advice.


Gautam S

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  • Hello Experts ,

    Would you kindly advice me on below requirement functional and technical .

    Business is looking to have availability check to be performed in sales order just 3 days before the customer requested delivery date so that their inventory got blocked only 3 days before of shipping date.

    Ex. If CRD date is 31 Jan so availability check and inventory block should be done on 27 Jan. only.

    Kindly suggest how best i can make achieve this.

    Also i feel there could be lot more dependencies belongs to availability check (say pricing is one of them ). Kindly suggest on dependencies and its implication part as well

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1 Answer

  • Jan 25, 2018 at 06:29 AM

    As a consultant you you should consult your business, if you can't then you should take a training to become a better support for your business.

    From my point of view does this requirement contradict the logic of ATP. Just assume you have 100 on stock when the order arrives on day one. You need 10 days to replenish the stock. While customer A was so kind to order that much in advance you decide to deliver the goods to customer B, 3 days before the delivery date you run ATP, and Oops nothing there. What are you going to tell this customer? Probably not "You have to order earlier to get the material on time" .

    ATP is not just a function, it is a process and a philosophy and there are books on ATP if a course is too expensive (probably less expensive than losing a customer)

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    • Thank you very much for your kind advice. Requesting not to build any assumption before commenting.

      This query was to take a opinion.

      Have a nice time.