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May 27, 2008 at 01:42 PM

E-Rec - Add text to Notes tab of Int. candidate application wizard



I have a requirement to add some more text to the Notes Tab of the Internal candidate application wizard. I have defined the text using SOTR_EDIT.

I find that texts available in the notes tab of the internal applicant start page are logically grouped in the package/ alias PAOC_RCF_UI/TITLE_REG_APPLN_ENTRY_M (From M1 to M10)

Hence i created the additional text as PAOC_RCF_UI/TITLE_REG_APPLN_ENTRY_M11

Iam not sure how to group the text items from M1 to M11 to make the new text i have added to display in the notes tab. Can this requirement be handled in configuration or does it require activation of BADI "BTFR_CONTEXT". If this can be handled only through BADI activation, pls. let me know the steps how to modify the BADI.


G Raj