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May 27, 2008 at 12:24 PM

Errors in NWDI


dear friends

i request you to please help me out with issues im facing in learning nwdi. im facing many roadblocks and need your help.

I installed sneak preview sp9 which already has nwdi setup and also a demo track called example

I set in nwds the development pool configurations and pinged it. its fine.

I imported a remote configuration and sleected the EXAMPLE track dev version.

The details befor FINISH are:


Caption EXAMPLE_dev

Build server:

Name server: http://localhost:50100/sld/cimon

repository server:

Then in inactive dc tab i created new dc project and activity.

selected Web module project. But on FINISH. I get the error:

Development componenet creation completed with some problems.

Reason: DC creation failed.

That means ive given up trying to learn using the existing Track for demo.

Now when I try to create a new track by copying EXAMPLE TRACK in Landscape configurator by using Save As: I get error: Unexpected error; inform your system administrator: CBS Server Error: CBS failed to communicate with some other server( internal code: COMMUNICATION_ERROR)

Forget that: In my own track i created I see the DTR, CBS url are using host na,me http://<host>:50100/dtr and for EXAMPLE track its the IP address. Could that be a problem?

When I try to import my own track in nwds I get this error:

Could not create mountpoint for SC in compartment itelo.com_DEMO_SC_1: Could not create remote path /dtr/ws/DEMO/itelo.com_DEMO_SC/dev/inactive/SCs/ (Internal Server Error [(pre||post)-condition failed: Internal Server Error]).

As you can see I am not able to get anywhere. I need some help Pleeez!!