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May 27, 2008 at 06:41 AM

please help me


hi all,

i have a BW report.

when ever i run the report the output should be automatically inserted into database table ZHIERARCHY.

the final internal table is gt_file.

for eg: i am executing with some data

that data contains 10 output records for that data, this 10 records should be inserted into the database table.for this i wrote the follwing code

LOOP AT gt_file .

insert ZHIERARCHY from table gt_file accepting duplicate keys .


the problem is

if i run the report again with same data the table data should be replaced with new data.

before the output contains 10 records and for same data if i execute now it contains only 5 records, that 10 records should be deleted and only this 5 recored should be displayed.

please help me how to write code for this,

its urgent

thanks in advance.