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Former Member
May 27, 2008 at 06:05 AM

51032257 NW 2004s SR2 Java based SW Component Not Able to download, HELP!


Hi all the expert here

I am trying to download the following files from the SAP Service Marketplace->Installations and Upgrades->SAP Application Components->IDES SOLUTIONS->IDES SEM-BW 6.0/7.00

51032257 - NW 2004s SR2 Java based SW Comp

I have tried all methods:

1. Using SAP Download Manager and it returns msg Fail: 403

2. Using Right Click and Save as, the page cannot be displayed.

I am a superuser with the Download Authorisation and have been able to download every single file in the site. This is the first time I am not able to download file from this site.

I need this file urgent for the company IDES BI 7.0 set up in next week. Any kind soul please log in to check for me or give me advise how to download it? We have resorted to mail order the DVD from SAP but it has taken a very long time to reach us. And SAP has instructed us to download from the site if we want it fast.

Full point 10 will be given for those who are willing to give me good advice on this issue.

Thanks in advance.