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May 26, 2008 at 03:25 PM

Problem in Displaying text Variable


Hi All,

I have problem in Displaying text Variable in the column header.

My requirement is as follows.

Column Level:


Key figures

Keyfigure1 - Current Month - Text Variable1

Keyfigure2 - Previous Month - Text Variable2

Keyfigure3 - Previous Month - Same as Text Variable2 - Display same month

So based on each 0Calmonth/year these three keygirues should display in Header section like.

Selection screen

0Calmonth/Year - 03.2005 - 06.2005

Result should be for each month.


03.2005 04.2005 05.2005

03.2005 | 02.2005 | 02.20005 04.2005 | 03.2005 | 03.2005 05.2005 | 04.2005 | 04.2005.

I have created two text variable with Customer exit.But not able to show exact months in the header section.

For first three columns months are coming exactly, but from fourth columns it should display next month, but it is not coming.

I have tried to code, but not successfull.

Please help me how to go about this.

Will assign full points.