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May 26, 2008 at 07:14 AM

Problem while creating a system copy


Hi guys,

I've created a copy of my original BW system with the database copy of SQL server procedure:

1. Copy DB from "old" system and perform "post" activities (SID change, BD54 and after - BDLS -"old" logical sys. Name to "new" one..).

2. Verify RFC to ECC source system and create new RFC in ECC source system to "new" BW system.

3. Make BW logical system known to ECC source system (BD54).

4. RFC names are the same as Logical system names (both BW and ECC sides).

When I try to restore the source system connection (The original one) on the "new" BW system I get the following message:

The Connection BA is used in the PRD300YPCC. Source System as a Connection BWPCLNT550 to BW.

Do You Want to Delete this Connection in the Source System? The Connection is Restored After It Has Been Deleted Successfully.

If I answer delete - than the source system is working on the new copied BW system. But the original source system on the original BW system will have the same problem I'm having with the copied systems. This means that only one system could be connected to the ECC production on the same time.

Is there a way to make it work - i.e have both BW systems connected to the same ECC system. We want to have it done so we could upgrade one system and check it against the productive system.

Thanks alot,

Tomer Steinberg.