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May 25, 2008 at 05:21 AM

sample quantity



I need some clarification how system will calculate the sample quanity?

1.My Sample Drawing procedure-xxxx

Consider sampling container, and sample draw item; lot container-barrel, toPar samlple no= 4 u2013 Primary sample ,size factor=1 ,(no.of physical sample u2013formula - sqrt(p2)+1)

Pooled sampleu2014size factor1, fixed sample-1

2. Sampling Procedureyyyy;

Sampling type= use sample scheme

Valuation mode= mean value within tolerance

Inspection point--- Sample management

3.sampling scheme u2013 inspection severirty normal

If lot size is 100,sample 20

I assigned the Sample drawing procedure xxxx and insp.point 200 @inspection plan header level,

Sampling procedure assigned yyyy and Part sample no- 4 assigned at open. Level of MIC and sample unit is Litre and base sample quanity is 1.

When inpection lot created for 50gal with 4 containers, system is creating 3primary and 1 pooled sample that is correct. But how system is calculating the sample quantity as each primary sample 63.089Lit and Pooled sample as 189.267(3primary sample = 1 pooled thatu2019s correct)

My question is how system calculating the 63.089Lit.

Please guide me, sorry for the long descriptionu2026u2026