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May 23, 2008 at 02:54 PM

Linking old MMR to new MMR



I have a scenario wherein the company signs an agreement / contract with a vendor for an material for a year. After 6 months that product / material is End of Life and vendor provides a new version of the product in place of the old material.


I have a rate contract with laptop manufacturer for laptop model "ABC" for a year. After 6 months that laptop model (ABC) is end of life (manufacturer stops producing the model). But he provides new model "ABC1" inplace of "ABC" which has got better features. Rate contract remain unchanged.

The manufacturer will supply new model "ABC1" against the same contract. Model ABC & ABC1 will have different material master records. Purchase Order should go to manufacturer with new model "ABC1" so that we can do GR for new model.

Is there any facility to link model ABC1 to old model ABC ??

Quick help will be appreciated.

Thanks. Have a good day.