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May 23, 2008 at 07:33 AM

Discount on Itemgroups


As far as I have understand (reading note 1015790) Netpoint 5.9 or Webtools doesn't synch with discount on itemgroups.

So is there a workaround.

This is our situation. Our customer can have a discount on an itemgroup or a special price for an item.

The special prices are synched so that works.

For example:

Itemgroup 10 - discount 20%

Itemgroup 11 - discount 25%

So our customer gets a 20% discount when he orders an item of group 10. It is also possible that he gets a special price for an item of group 10.

For example:

Item 12345 - special price u20AC 10,00

This special price is visible in Netpoint, so that works.

What Netpoint has to do is, when a customer orders an item first check if there is a special price if not then use the discount of the itemgroup the item belongs to.

Has anyone a solution for this?

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I became a reply on this in another thread

How often do you change prices?

I have seen many companies run the initial sync to get all the pricing, then turn price synching off and configuring discounts in NetPoint. Then resynchronizing whenever pricelists are updated.

Some have written SQL queries to pull discounts from SBO special pricing and insert them into the NetPoint DB. The main problem is that Special Pricing is not exposed via the DI-API in SBO, WebTools 2007 FP1 will support special pricing, hierarchies and expansions.

My answer:

Special prices and discount on itemgroups do not change often. Sometimes they don't change a whole year. We only use one pricelist (there are actually 10) and sometimes we have to alter some prices in this pricelist. There are about 400 customers who have special prices and discounts. Our SAP consultant has made an add-on in Microsoft Access to import this data into Business One (works brilliant!). This means that special prices and discounts are imported at the same time in Business One. We are thinking to let this table (which is always connected to the database of Business One) synchronise with Netpoint, because this table always has the latest data (e.g. when you add a new customer with special prices and discounts in Business One it's straight there in the table).

In our situation I think the best way to keep the pricelist, special pricing and discount up-to-date is to make a SQL query based on the story above.

Because the other problem is when you sync pricelists all the pricelists will be synchronised and we only use one. In Netpoint 5.9 there is no way to select which pricelist you want to synchronise and which one not.

I have also read that in a future release of Webtools there will be a full support of pricing. Does this mean that you can also synchronise discounts on itemgroups as well. Or did I misunderstood you're line: 'WebTools 2007 FP1 will support special pricing, hierarchies and expansions', which means that it is already possible to synchronise discount on itemgroups is the recent Webtools 2007?

If so, the only problem is, I believe, that Webtools is not available for The Netherlands yet!

Please, could you give me a short reply.

Currently WebTools 2007 does not support special pricing, FP1 (Feature Pack 1) which is tentatively set to go into ramp up in November, will support all special pricing.

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