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Issue installing BIPST for BI4.1SP7

Jan 24 at 12:52 PM


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We're having an issue running BIPST. After installation of BIPST and Host Agent, and on first run, the "BI Landscape SDK Library" is launched. And on the next screen (BI Platform Classpath Relaunch), the action "Killing current BIPST process.." is marked as "failed" and it hangs.

Any way to troubleshoot this? There is nothing specifig in the logs.


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Morgan LeJeune
Jan 24 at 03:21 PM


Thanks for reporting your issue here.

The cause of the problem you are seeing is a result of the tool attempting to match the loaded libraries to the correct version of the BI Platform to which you are connecting. To accommodate required changes in the SDK in later BO 4.2 versions, this relauncher application will attempt to close the support tool and re-open it with references to which SDK is needed. By default, this is the updated BI 4.2 SDK, however the pre-update SDK will be needed to connect the the 4.1 SP7 environment.

Specifically in your instance, the relauncher failed to close the BI Platform Support Tool application and caused a mismatch between the SDK version specified in the preferences and the version called in startup. To reset this, I would recommend deleting your preferences.xml file and restarting the support tool itself. This will recreate the preferences using default settings, allowing a proper launch. I've added the location of the preferences file below:

  • %APPDATA%\BISupportTool\preferences.xml
  • C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\BISupportTool\preferences.xml

If the relauncher fails to close the BIPST application again (causing the same issue), the preferences and startup batch file can be changed manually. I'd like to start with ensuring the default preferences.xml resolves the looping issue, then we can proceed with manual edits if needed.

Please delete/rename the preferences.xml specified at the location above and relaunch the tool. We can then get together to manually resolve the SDK version, if needed.

Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.



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Deleting the preferences file does not solve the issue. BIPST does launch, but upon redefining the Landscape configuration and connecting to the CMS, the error is the same.

We have tried modifying the preferences and bat files manually and get the tool to launch (change the sdk loaded in both files). The Server and WAS configurations (including JMX) are marked as ok in Landscape configurations, but the Create Report fails for the WAS. Error is "failed to extract app server data on JMX.

We have tried with JMX without auth and JMX and firewall without auth.

Could you help us with this?

Thanks in advance.


Edit: It seems that the ForceSDK parameter is being ignored when running the Analysis (KO), but taken into account when the tool is launched (OK, when ForceSDK and sdkUpdated are both set to true).

However, the currentSDKVersion is changed back to 14.2 and sdkUpdated to false when the Analysis is run...


Edit 2: We have done a further test on a Test Server, without any security (Antivirus/Firewall) and the relauncher did work.

However, we still have the issue with the WAS during analysis. Maybe this is a bug with BIPST 2.1?? (We have tested against a 14.2 CMS with the exact same config and the Analysis works...)




What's the version of Tomcat that the WAS is running?
I fixed an issue recently which caused the report to fail when run against Tomcat 7 - It'd work against Tomcat 8.




We're in the same situation here. It fails on Tomcat 7 and works on Tomcat 8.

Could you please advise about the fix.

Thanks and regards,


Unfortunately it's a code-fix.

It'll be resolved with 2.1.1 when released.


Well noted with thanks.