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Former Member
May 23, 2008 at 05:12 AM

RSQL error


Hi all,

I have written selectr statement.

select bukrs "Company code

lifnr "Vendor account no

gjahr "Fin year

belnr "Posting document no

buzei "Line item

budat "Posting date

augbl "clearing document no

augdt "Clearing date

blart "Doc type

xblnr "Invoice reference

wrbtr "Invoice amount

waers "Invoice currency


  • saknr "GL a/c no "-RV01

  • projk "Project code "-RV01

  • prctr "Profit centre "-RV01

  • kostl "Cost centre "-RV01

mwskz "tax code

dmbtr "Sterling equivalent

from bsak

  • appending corresponding fields of table i_bsikbsak

  • into table i_bsikbsak

appending table i_bsikbsak

where bukrs in s_bukrs

and lifnr in s_lifnr

and ( lifnr like '008%' or "-RV01+RV01

lifnr eq '0070000001' or "-RV01+RV01

lifnr like '006%' )

and budat in s_budat

and augdt in s_augdt

  • and hkont in s_saknr "-RV01

and blart in s_blart

  • and projk in s_projk

  • and prctr in s_prctr

  • and kostl in s_kostl

and mwskz in s_mwskz

  • and augdt in s_budat

and ( blart between 'KA' and 'KZ' or "-RV01 +RV01

blart between 'RA' and 'RZ' ). "-RV01 +RV01

When I execute this statement I am getting shotdump as below

" Error in the module RSQL accessing the database interface "

pls any one help me.