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How can I block parallel runs of a FPM ?

Jan 24 at 10:28 AM


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I'm trying to create a FPM form that blocks the user from creating more than one of the same form at a time.

I saw there is a checkbox field called "Permit Parallel Run" so I left it empty. The field is called SELF.

The problem is that even though I left the field empty I'm still able to create more than one form at a time.

What am I doing wrong ? Was anyone able to block parallel runs ?

Thank you,

Team HR

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1 Answer

Christopher Solomon
Jan 25 at 01:11 AM

I don't normally answer anyone with a name like "SAP SUPPORT" or "TEAM HR" but you are REALLY screwing this up and going the wrong way. First off, you are NOT creating a "form" are creating a PROCESS so think in those terms. Secondly, SAP provides you MANY mechanisms to do this right out of the box (I even blogged about it....controlling processes in the start application). You can....

control by validity date (process can only run at certain time...ex. benefits enrollment)
control by frequency (process can't run more than once within a time frame ....ex. you can't give a bonus more than every 3 months)
control by "collission" (process can't run if another process(es) is being run....ex. you can't give someone a promotion while they are being terminated)
control by <YOUR CUSTOM REQUIRMENT> (there is even a BAdI to control this when nothing else in config works) I suggest you first learn all about HCM P&F config and what's possible before going about it "blindly" and hoping something works.

(*and this is the LAST time I will respond to you until you create a real account with a REAL user name)

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