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Delivery of Project stock from Sale order not working

Jan 24 at 07:43 AM


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delivery-of-project-stock-from-sale-order-not-work.jpgHi All,

I am working on MTO Scenario for a Project, where I am trying to Post delivery in ref to Sale order and system is throwing error.

Delivery through Sale order – VA02, is not working. System throws error: Only 0 PC of material XYZ available (although matl available as Proj stock for which WBS element is in account assignment tab).

How do I rectify above error and thus make Delivery through – Sale order. Any suggestions please.

I have tried Transfer posting: Proj stock to SO Stock, Transfer Project Stock to Own (411- Q) and then transfer from Own to Sales Order using (412- E) and system is throwing message: Valuated project stock not allowed with customer stock

I have followed below steps

  • 1.Assign FG Matl in Sales Order line item
  • 2.Project is Created automatically based on CN08 Configuration settings
  • 3.Now, Assign FG to a Network – Activity (for WBS which is in SO – Item)
  • 4.MRP Run for Project – MD51
  • 5.Check PR, Planned orders generated in system
  • 6.Confirm GRN, Production orders
  • 7.FG available as ‘Project stock’

Note: Delivery from Project – CNS0, Delivery document is posted though & Delivery document number generated, but doesn't have SO# in Document flow of either Delivery or SO which is why I am trying to have Post Delivery through SO directly.



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1 Answer

Maria Terence Jan 25 at 07:49 AM
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Former Member

Dear Maria,

Thank you for your response. However, I have already checked this link and unsure IF it can solve the actual problem, because, as 'Project stock' checkbox need to be selected for bringing stock to Project and MRP run against Project. And I didn't quite get how to check the combinations mentioned in the link:

Ex: Consumption posting indicator / 'E' / 'E' / 'E' / 'E' / 'P

I have also checked relevant SD settings OVZG; OVGH which are configured as expected. Any other suggestions Please.




I dont have system to check this part. You can wait for other experts to reply