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May 23, 2008 at 12:29 AM

(ESS) FPM applications, cfg DCs & Enterprise Portal / Portal Content DC


Hi everyone,

I just replied to the thread in the Java Programming forum. Since I had a very specific question that seems more suitable in this forum, I decided to post it again over here.

short introduction

The SAP ESS SC contains FPM (Floor Plan Manager) applications that you can modify at runtime from within the portal using the Self-Service Administrator portal role. The point is that this content is also contained in the SAP_ESS SC in NWDI. It's contained in all those cfg DCs. They basically contain a (zip)archive that contains other (zip)archives that contain different XML files that eventually describe the FPM application. So what happens is that you can modify the FPM applications at runtime, but your changes are overwritten when the cfg DC is deployed afterwards.

the details... and the questions...

Concerning those cfg DCs. They're a very specific type of DC. The type is "Enterprise Portal" and the subtype is "Portal Content". In NWDS, this is described in the following XML file: C:\Program Files\SAP\IDE\IDE70\eclipse\plugins\\componentTypes.xml When I was using NWDS 7.0 SP12, this particular type of DC was not visible (if I remember it correctly), i.e. I could not create a new DC of this type. NWDS SP12 also didn't contain the necessary plugin,, as described in the same XML file (or at least I couldn't find it). Since I installed NWDS SP14, the plugin is present and I can create this type of DC myself. But that doesn't help me that much, since the wizard just creates some empty DC and I don't have a clue how to populate it with the content of the FPM application. Unfortunately I also don't have a clue about how to modify the existing cfg DCs in SAP_ESS.

BTW, some changes, e.g. a small textual change, is relatively easy to do: unzip the archive(s) in the cfg DC, modify the text in one of the XML files (for some reason the translation of the roadmap steps are present 4 times, if my memory doesn't fail on me) and zip everything again. This works fine for me.

the $1 million question...

Obviously, what I really like to know: how to modify the FPM applications on the portal using the Self-Service Administrator role (that's easy) and export it to a suitable archive that can be imported in the (SAP_ESS) cfg DCs? As long as this is not possible, meaning I don't have a clue how to do it, I'm forced to deploy the modified FPM applications, which I exported as an epa file, after each NWDI transport. And this is not very practical...

I hope my (probably a bit too complex) explanation makes any sense.

If someone else knows more about this subject or how to deal with it, please let me know. tnx!

Kind regards,