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May 22, 2008 at 07:16 PM

Is third-party SO/PO process possible using only one company code?


Hi friend,

1) my client wants to implement third-party PO process but also wants a way of keeping track of inventory during this process. I know that inventory should be tracked on the vendor side and not on our client side since we're doing third-party PO.

However my client wants to track inventory (in an inventory g/l account like 120100) so that when my client post a Goods Receipt, the inventory account

gets Debited and when client post the outgoing invoice to customer, the inventory account gets Credited. In this way, my client can track

if the customer have received the ordered item or not.

The problem is that third-party PO posts to consumption account but DOES NOT post to inventory account. Is there any way of

setting this up so that in addition to posting to comsumption account every time a Goods Receipt occurs?

2) i tried to create "Individual Purchase Order" (customer order from client -> client order from

vendor -> vendor ships item to client -> client then ships item to customer) so that posting will hit inventory account.

However, i find that taking this approach involves setting up a Plant for vendor (A), a Plant for our Client (B), and a Plant for Customer (C).

Because when i do a Goods Receipt, the stock has move from Plant A to Plant B. Then when i do a Goods Issue to the customer, it asks for the receiving plant. I assume this means that the stock moves from Plant B to Plant C.

Also, from the reading i did on the forum, i get the impression that i need to create more than one Company Code if i were to do

third-party PO. Do the Vendors have to be created in a different company code then the Customer? Or does it mean that Just the

plant (like Plant A) needs to be created in a different Company Code then Plant B and Plant C?

3) can i do third-party PO using only ONE company code?

Can anyone provide some clarification on this issue? I've read tons of posting but none really helped clear this issue up.

Thanks so much.