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May 22, 2008 at 08:45 AM

Programatically logging in a user


Hi all

I have created a test html form page, and am calling an abstract portal component that logs in a user into the portal.

I am trying to login a user programatically, and I am using IAuthentication. I tried the code specified in this thread:

Howto log user if i know userID and passwd

but heres what is happening:

1. When I give the username (say, Test1) and password and login, it goes into the portal fine.

2. When I try to login again with another username (say Test2) and password, it logs into the portal using the previous username and password ie, the session for the previous user (Test1) is being used to login to the portal the second time too.

I dont understand...why is this happening? What should I do?