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May 22, 2008 at 07:21 AM

Merging roles into 2nd Level Nav directly


Hi All,

Firstly, I have read posts similar to this on the forum however the workarounds provided are not suffucient.

What I need to do is have a "base" portal role that defines the 1st level navigation, as well as some second level. I then want other roles (for specific tasks) merging in at the second level directly. I do not want them replicate the first level navigation structure defined in the "base" role. There are several reasons to do this, to simplify design, reduce maintenance, included replicated config for multiple languages.

Example: Base role

: Home [entry point] [folder]

- My Role ➕ {merge ID aaa} [folder]

- Reports ➕

- Communities ➕

- Corporate Information

Example specific role:

{no entry point}

- My Role (mergeID aaa) [folder for config, referred to below]

- Manager Self Service

When I config the folder "My Role" I do not set it as an entry point to avoid displaying in 1st LN. To link into the second level nav I create a merge between the two folders (one in the base role and one the specialty role - shown above). The problem is then the folder "Manager Self Service" does not appear in the detailed navigation.

Is what I am trying to do possible? Has anyone had success?

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