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Jan 24, 2018 at 11:09 AM

SAP BW HANA Composite & BEx in one transport failed

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I have collected a HANA composite provider and a Bex Query built on top of it in a single transport. All the elements of the bex query and hana composite are correctly collected, and using transport connection in RSA1.

The transport failed with RC8 with the error message - Element could not be activated, Infocube is not active.

In this case, the element is the bex query system generated ID and infocube is the HCPR.

The HCPR is active in the target system but the bex query is not imported as it failed.I have re-imported the transport and it worked fine RC=4.

So the question is "Can a BW HANA composite (HCPR) and the bex query built on top of it be in one transport ? Can the system work out the interdependencies and activate both the objects ? Or they both have to be in separate transports?

I am on SAPKW74007.

If you were able to transport both HCPR and Bex query in one transport, please let me know along with your current SP version.