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sap.m.TileContainer deprecated - which other container to use?

Jan 24 at 10:19 AM


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Hello everyone,

we are using the sap.m.TileContainer quite extensively but recently noticed that it has been deprecated since version 1.50.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to find a container for tiles that has the same functionality such as the horizontal scrolling and paging, as well as dragging or editing tiles.

Which container would you recommend to use that comes close to the original TileContainer's functionality?

Thanks in advance and best regards,


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2 Answers

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Christof Steps Feb 14 at 02:10 PM

For those wondering, we finally chose to use a FlexBox as container.

It doesn't support paging or dragging tiles, but atleast the edit mode can be done by setting the scope of every tile to 'Action' instead of 'Display'.

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Emanuele Ricci Jan 25 at 09:28 AM

As you can see in the documentation you have to

"Deprecated since 1.50. instead, use a container of your choice with sap.m.GenericTile instances"

When they talk about "Container of your choice" I think you can use any kind of layout container (like a Grid container). But yes, there's not a direct replacement for the TileContaner.

Anyway, deprecation is a warning, it just means that they're removing support to it if your current client will be stick to the 1.50.x you don't have to worry.

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Hello Emanuele,

thank you for your response.

We are planning on using this tilecontainer in multiple projects, but honestly don't want to use a control that is not being supported or updated any more (and that has still some bugs to it).

As for using another container, there is no container that comes close to the tilecontainer as far as functionality is concerned. A grid container does not support an edit mode, dragging items, editing items or paging out of the box.

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Christof Steps

We too were VERY disappointed to see this control being deprecated.

I think we are just going to convert from a tile container to a list.


You are totally right. I think that the best possible way is to reach out SAP or create an issue on the GitHub repo to understand if there will be a replacement for it.

Otherwise, the only thing you can do is to clone and extend it and maintain it by yourself.


Alright I will try to contact them, thank you very much Emanuele!


You're welcome ;)