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How to set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable for a new path.

Jan 24 at 04:59 AM


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Hello All,

I have a a requirement to install the hdbclient in our newly migrated Solution Manager System. I have managed to install the hdbclient by referring one document.

However I am not able to execute the below instructions properly. Hence need some guidance on this.

Adjust the OS environment for the <sid>adm user by adding the following into the PATH and LIBPATH / LD_LIBRARY_PATH variables for the <sid>adm user:


So what I understand I have to add this path against the environment variable

But my question is what approach should I take ?
How I make this values permanent ?

Currently the environment variable looks like below.


Any help would be appreciated. I need to complete this by EOD around 4 PM UK Time

Thanks and Regards

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2 Answers

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Denys van Kempen
Jan 26 at 09:39 AM

For those reading this question after 4 pm, January 24

When installing SAP HANA components on the SAP HANA server, always use the SAP HANA database lifecycle management tool (hdblcm). This tool will automatically install the client "inside" the server environment (that is, /hana/shared/<HANA-SID/hdbclient).

When installing the SAP HANA client on any other system, you can install it where you want using the HANA stand-alone installation tool hdbinst (command-line) or hdbsetup (graphical): e.g.: /opt/hanaclient, /usr/sap/hana, etc. - check with your UNIX/Linux administrator about any company guidelines, this typically differs per distribution and organization.

The environment variables for the OS user that will be accessing the client (LIBPATH on AIX, LD_LIBRARY_PATH on Linux and other UNIX flavors) are typically defined in the login shell of that usr ~/.bashrc or system-wide in /etc/profile, /etc/bash.bashrc, or /etc/environment. Again, depends and typically differs per distribution and organization.

For more information about installing the SAP HANA client, see


Denys / SAP HANA Academy

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Dear Denys,

I have added the required values inside .login file inside /support/home/sid path.
After a restart, the path is now reflecting.

Many thanks for your valuable inputs here

Thanks and Regards
Anurag Das

Bartosz Jarkowski Jan 24 at 08:44 AM

There is a SAP Note that describe required steps:

1827566 - How to set environment variables for SAP system?

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