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Combined Parameters

Jan 24 at 12:03 AM


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I created two related reports and am now running them, as sub-reports, in a new report. The new report serves only to "house" the two sub-reports.

The first sub-report was placed in the Report Header and the second in the Report Footer. The report runs perfectly so I am not looking for some other way to construct it.

The only problem I am experiencing has to do with the Parameters used in the report. Both reports use the same (exact) parameters and I was happily surprised to find that CR combined them...meaning that each parameter only need be entered once. All except one.

For some reason, the last parameter appears twice on the runtime seen in the image below. Can anyone give me a clue as to why this last parameter is not combining like the others?

Thank you - Tom

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2 Answers

Ian Waterman Jan 24 at 08:39 AM

Create same parameters in main report.

Then in subreport linking link main parameter to corresponding SR parameter. drag main parameter into main linking pane and then in lower left window look SR param


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Tom Preston Jan 24 at 03:51 PM


That did it...thank you! However, it does beg the question...

Why did three of the four parameters "auto-combine" while the fourth had to be manually linked?

Thank you again for the help.


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Sorry No idea as I have never seen Subreport parameters automatically link. Having said that if the SR parameters are actually Command Parameters with same name they may auto combine. Not tried it though.