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Jan 23, 2018 at 10:39 PM

API Integration with eCommerce Website


I'm trying to figure out the flow necessary to update a product's inventory that is stored on SAP ECC EHP7 service pack 4. Admittedly, I have no familiarity with SAP other than a client uses it as the source of truth for product inventory. The client is wanting to launch a new eCommerce website (on a platform like Shopify or similar) to sell their products. Typically, 3rd party integrations rely on webhooks/callbacks that will make HTTP requests to external API endpoints. So I was expecting that SAP would have some API endpoints defined and that inside the eCommerce platform, we could configure it to fire off a request to that endpoint during certain events, e.g. a "productWasPurchased" event might get defined with a webhook that would trigger a request to SAP's "inventory decrement" endpoint, or some variation of that general model.

The conversation I had in a chat window just now resembled an out of body experience. There are some proprietary tools, the agent explained, and mumble mumble mumble this sort of thing is considered "unusual" in the SAP world. And I was referred here to ask what I thought was a simple question.

Surely, others have implemented a workflow that resembled the plain-old-vanilla API flow I outlined above where an external event triggers a change to product data stored inside SAP. What do I need to know? Why is this considered so unusual? Thank you for any explanations!