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What are good options for connecting UPS Worldship to SAP(db)?

Jan 23 at 08:54 PM


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UPS WorldShip software maps field for field for street, state, zip etc. SAP ShipTo address are listed all in one field. Mapping is a slight issue.

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2 Answers

M. Sundararaja Perumal Jan 24 at 04:13 AM

Actually the shipto field concatenates the data from the Business Partner Master's shipping address.

In the marketing documents itself they are stored in the row level.

For example in case of sales order, RDR12 table stores the details of street, building,block, city, country, zip code.

You can use this for mapping with UPS API.

Also, inform the users that they should not overwrite the address, as overwriting address will not be able to segregate as per individual fields and they will be stored as blank values.

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Thanks for your feedback:

I started with ODLN, ORDR and RDR12 tables using WorldShip mapping. The RDR12 have row level address but I found the RDR12 DocEntry match ORDR DocEntry where I could create a relationship but the RDR12 DocEntry do not match the ODLN DocNum or DocEntry. Due to this I can't create a relationship in the UPS WorldShip between ODLN and RDR12 tables.

- The warehouse Packing List have a bar code that match the ODLN DocNum so Worldship have to see ODLN table in some way.

- (As a test) I did link the ORDR and RDR12 but found the ShipTo address was wrong at times and I couldn't scan the Packing List barcode due to the 'Key' being a ORDR DocNum and not ODLN DocNum.

I check every RDR table from RDR1 to RDR23 to find one that would match the ODLN DocNum or DocEntry and have row level addresses, but found none. Could I have overlooked a table(s) that someone can suggest? (This is why I considered third party software for connecting between SAP and Worldship.)


Please use the SDK help center to understand the table structure.

All the above tables that you have mentioned can be linked.

Agustin Marcos Cividanes Jan 25 at 12:09 PM


this partner has a solution for this

Kind regards


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