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Former Member
May 21, 2008 at 10:19 AM

Hungarian Currency format is not showing correctly


Hi All,

I have a problem while displaying the currency value with currency format of HUF ( HUF is having 0 decimals in TCURX table).

I am entering the value of 10000 in an input box (The input box is having the reference data type of currency with lenth 13 and decimal 2)

I am entering the amount 10000 to that box in HUF currency format. So while displaying it should display as 10000 (ten thousand) only (without decimals). Instead of that its showing as 1.000.000 (10 lacs)

For all other currency type other than HUF like USD,SGD the format is showing correctly.

For Example

If i am entering 12345 in the input box it is displaying correctly for USD format as 12,345.00

But while displaying the same 12345 value in HUF format it is displaying as 1,234,500

The problem is while displaying the amount based on the corresponding format it is taking the 2 decimals in the input box data type format with the entered amount as a whole value.

For example,

if we enters 123 means its taking it as 12300 while displaying.

Can any of you please help me on this?