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FI-AA and FI-AR BW validation with ECC Reports

Jan 24 at 01:56 PM


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Can anyone please suggest how to better validate data between BW and ECC with the business users used to run reports in ECC for the following Asset Acquisition and Accounts Receivable queries? We are currently having issues explaining to the business how to check for what they need.

We have the following cubes and queries in scope:


0FIAA_C01_Q001 - Asset List


0FIAA_C03_Q001 - Asset Acquisitions

0FIAA_C03_Q002 - Asset Acquisitions on Quarterly Basis


0FIAA_C04_Q001 - FI-AA Asset History Sheet (for APC)

0FIAA_C04_Q002 - Asset History Sheet (for Depreciation)


0FIAR_C02_Q0001 - Accounts Receivable: DSO Analysis, Current Period

0FIAR_C02_Q1003 - Customers: DSO Analysis for a Period (Credit Management)


0FIAR_C03_Q0001 - Accounts Receivable: Days Agreed / Days Taken

0FIAR_C03_Q0002 - Accounts Receivable: Due Date for Net Payment Analysis

0FIAR_C03_Q0005 - Accounts Receivable: Overdue Analysis

Thank you,


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3 Answers

Stefan Samara
Jan 24 at 02:32 PM

We are currently experiencing issues with validating data because of the planned data, they expect to see it added to the posted values.

Thank you for your reply.

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Stefan Samara
Jan 24 at 03:35 PM

Is there a documentation on how to check standard queries against data in ECC?

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No. Been asked ever since the first BW 1.2 go-live and there is no magical spreadsheet that maps a BW query to an SAP ERP report.

Tammy Powlas
Jan 24 at 02:19 PM

Hello Stefan - on the fixed assets side, there are matching Fixed Asset reports on the ECC side

For assets, pay attention to posted depreciation versus planned; as an accountant I would use the current book value report highlighted. Good luck.

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