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May 21, 2008 at 08:00 AM

Basic IDOC Receiver Issues - help



I'm just starting development with the .Net connector and am trying to get the sample IDOC sender and IDOC receiver to work.

We have a remote test system with SAP, connected via a VPN from my site. A SAP Router is used for the GUI connection to SAP and I'm setting the sapDestination.SAPRouterString in the IDOC submit sample.

The IDOC sender is working and I can see the sent IDOCS in the SAP GUI, but I cannot get the IDOC receiver to work.

I have defined a TCP/IP RFC destination, with the IP address and program ID of my program, but the test button on the RFC destination does not work.

Also, after I start the IDOC receiver sample, transaction SMGW (Gateway Monitor) does not list my application.

Please could someone verify what I should configure on the SAP test system and what parameters I should be providing to the sample IDOC receiver program ?