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WM - what are best in class possibilities?

Jan 24 at 09:49 AM


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Im looking for best in class in WM. Our company would like to implement TRM across multiple sites but someone told me this may not correct approach becouse TRM is limited and will not be fully supported.

So is there any article with list of Best in Class possibilities (EWM etc..) with negs / pros I can study? Or anyone can advise?

I also looking best in class in technology, so I really appriciate if new technology are also covered (virtual glass etc...)

Thank you


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Your question is a bit confusing, once you talk about WM, then EWM and then about TRM. You might want to be more specific

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Jurgen, but I think all those are connected, or am I wrong? EWM using TRM (or at least tasks), and EWM is additional for WM... Also I think there cannot be only one best of class process as nothing can cover all requirements in same way. So just looking for list of best of class processes in the warehouse, so I can pick suitable ones based on negs and pros....


We had WM working in 1997, at this time EWM was not even programmed. EWM is the successor of WM, however it is still possible to have one storage location working with WM while another is already managed with EWM, but the final goal would be EWM. as the only warehouse management system.

How should such best of class list look like? Can you post an example for your expectations?

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