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Former Member
Jan 24, 2018 at 09:16 AM

Staging the result of a formula in an input ready query


Hi folks,

Has anybody found a way to write back to DB the result of a Formula in an Input-Ready query?

In a simple scenario, I have 3 members of 1 dimension (or in embedded terms, 3 values of 1 InfoObject):

  • BASE = Baseline
  • ADJ = Adjustment
  • ADJ_BASE = Adjusted Baseline


Using "Inverse Formula" functionality I can build an Input-Ready query with 3 key figures

  • BASE (Not Input-Ready)
  • ADJ (Input-Ready)
  • Formula = BASE + ADJ (Input-Ready)
  • ---- Inverse Formula ADJ = Formula - BASE

I'd like to be able to write back the result of the Formula into the 3rd member ADJ_BASE

I was wondering if this is possible to be achieved from the Query definition itself.

I'm aware there are other workarounds like using FOX formulas or VBA Macros, but it'd be really amazing if this functionality was delivered similarly to "Inverse Formulas" where you can just say the result of this formula is to be post against this Input-Ready Key Figure.

Thanks for your time.