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Upgrade Hana Database to 2.0 in System replication scenario

Jan 24 at 08:17 AM


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We have to Perform Hana Database Upgrade from 1.0 SPS12 to 2.0 SP02, and we have

3-Tier System replication Configured.

I understand we have to start the upgrade from Tier-3 then Tier-2 and finally the Primary Server.

As per the Upgrade guide, we have to Disable replication before starting the upgrade.

And for disabling the replication ,we have to unregister the Secondary site.

Could you suggest if my below steps are fine for the upgrade.

Step1 :- Upgrade Tier-3 Server to Hana 2.0 SPS02

Step 2 :-To upgrade the Tier-2 Server, unregister Tier-3 and disable the replication on Tier-2,

Then perform the upgrade to 2.0 SPS02 and after this , register Tier-3 back.


Step 3 :- To Upgrade the Primary Server, Unregister Tier-2 and Tier-3 Servers ,disable the replication on Primary,

Then perform the upgrade to 2.0 SP02 and then register both Tier-2 Tier-3 Servers back again.

However as per sapnote :-1945676 :- Correct usage of hdbnsutil -sr_unregister,

we use the -sr_unregister only for 2 scenarios mentioned in the sapnote and not used otherwise(ex:- upgrade).

Please suggest



Ahmed Mohammed

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1 Answer

Kaan Turkes Jan 31 at 02:00 PM
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Dear kaan,

Thank you for sharing the sapnote, i have gone through this sapnote, however

my question is, if i do not want to failover to secondary and just shut down Tier 3 and Tier-2 and proceed with the upgrade of the Primary Server

without disabling the replication. Will this work ?

Ahmed Mohammed



From lower to higher versions replication is supported but from higher to lower versions replication is not supported.

From 1999880 - FAQ: SAP HANA System Replication

15. Is it supported to set up a replication scenario between systems with a different SAP HANA patch level?

It is allowed to use different SAP HANA patch levels in a replication scenario as long as the patch level of the replicated system is not lower than the patch level of the primary system. It is also allowed that the replicated system is on a higher SPS level than the primary system. This possibility can be used for near zero downtime (NZDT) upgrades in replicated environments. For more information see the near zero downtime upgrade section in How to Perform System Replication for SAP HANA. SAP Note 2386973 describes NZDT upgrades in 3-tier system replication scenarios.

Best regards