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Mismatch in SAP GTS and SAP ECC Unit of measures

Jan 24 at 06:52 AM


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Hi Experts,

we are going to implement SAP GTS for our existing two SAP ECC production servers PRD100 and PRD200. and we will connect these both SAP ECC servers with one GTS server for our trading requirements. We are facing some issues in Dimension , ISO code and UOM mismatch. Example:

Issue 1:

PRD100 has Dimension "SPEED" and SI Unit is "M/S"

PRD200 has dimension "SPEED and SI unit as "MS"

now both of these servers are going to be connected with one GTS server so for Dimension "SPEED" what should be the SI unit. or how can we handle this issue?


PRD100 has ISO code BD as "Board" and PRD200 has ISO code BD as "Bundle"

now both of these servers are going to be connected with one GTS server so for ISO Code "BD" how should we update it in GTS?


also there are differences in UOM details in both the clients. example Decimal place rounding, Dimension, ISO code, Primary code, Unit text, decimal places, etc.

could you please advise how can we solve this issue so that we can pass master data and transnational data to GTS without any error.

Thank you in advance, help really appreciated.

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Dave Willis Jan 24 at 09:15 AM

Hi Wasim,

The correct way, of course, is to set up the UoMs properly. But to inform...

GTS takes the ISO unit from the feeder system, and tries to find a match in the system. If it cannot find a unique UoM for that ISO unit, it instead takes the SAP unit and tries to find a match. So you should be ok with the second search.

Hope that helps,


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Thanks a lot Dave for the reply,

Issue1: is it ok if the SI unit is different in one dimension, the SAP system is live from past 10 yrs, so i hope we cant change the dimensions now. so now in this situation will this be ok to have different SI unit.

Issue2: as you advised, so if the feeder system is passing ISO code as BD, even though the description of the ISO code is different we should be ok on ISO code part. this is as per my understanding from your reply, Please correct me if i m wrong.

Issue3: if the UOM details are different. example:

PRD1 has UOM "CGM", dimension "MASS", Comercial "CGM, "Technical "CGM", Unit text Centigram, Denominator "10"

PRD2 has UOM "CGM", dimension "AAAADL", Comercial "CGM, "Technical "CC/GM", Unit text CC/GM, Denominator "1"

how can we solve above issue. when we will set up GTS how should we set it up. do we need to do some enhancements. please advise if we have any other solution.

Thanks in Advance.


Hi Wasim,

No, of course it's not ok for the UoM to be in different dimensions. And ISO codes should be real, not "made up". So BD means "bundle", not "board".

It sounds like the systems are in quite a mess. I suggest that you find a good MM consultant to help you sort out the problems, which are nothing to do with GTS. Probably you will need to use (or create) the correct UoMs, and for each Material affected, remove the stock, change the UoM, then replace the stock - or create new Material master records are gradually exhaust the existing stock whilst procuring against the new code(s). I can't help you further with this.


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Hi Dave.

yes i know its quite a mess. :)

anyway thanks a lot for your help. really appreciate your prompt response.

i have marked your first answer as best i don't know how to give points.


Wasim Raza