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Scripting API issues with SAP GUI 7.5 Fiori theme

Jan 23 at 05:51 PM


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I'm using scripting API quite extensively for automation purposes and have found many issues when dealing with 'Fiori' theme in SAP GUI 7.5.

1.The width and height of status bar return as -1 by API. The 'Highlight' property is also unable to highlight or draw red lines around the status bar. Unable to find exact height and width of the statusbar control.

2. Height and width of tbar[0] is reported as '0' that also make it unable to highlight.

3. Status bar may contains one or more buttons, but unable to identify or interact with those buttons with scripting API.

4. All buttons shows up on tbar[1] has height and Top property as '0'. Though they have valid width value. Since height is 0 so scripting API is also unable to highlight them either.

The biggest issue i'm having is to detect buttons that shows up in different places on SAP screens but scripting API does not reveal any information about them.

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Have you raised a message to SAP with your findings? I can see some notes with descriptions that might be related for instance

It likely depends very much on the precise version you have.

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Could you please elaborate on your comment "It likely depends very much on the precise version you have". I'm using SAP GUI 7.5 patch level 3, which is most recent SAP patch all these errors along with some minor others was found in scripting API delivered with this version. In fact, all these issues was confirmed with all patches of SAP GUI.

What is the process to raise issue with SAP on the scripting API?

0 use the contact us link, & proceed through the process described.

as to my commentary "It likely depends very much on the precise version you have" even with the latest patch level, you might need some notes applied.


Hello Obaid,

I confirm all your observations.

Best regards

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