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May 20, 2008 at 10:50 PM

Avoid select event from getting triggered in the first inital SUBMIT



I have a problem where I have 2 Charts of which I want to show only the first one and then use the "select" event from the first chart to show the second one once the user clicks on a bar in the chart.

I am doing this using visibility conditions, data store and counter fields. I am incrementing the counter in the data store on the select event from the first chart.


Chart one -> Visibility condition is store@counter == 1

on select even from chart one store@counter + 1

Chart two -> Visibility condition is store@counter == 2

I also have a selection input form which I have connected to chart one input. The problem is when I click on SUBMIT in the selection box it fires up chart one and then AUTOMATICALLY fires the second "select" event

which increases the counter value and shows chart two.

Is there any way to disable this initial select? I Want chart one to refresh on the SUBMIT from the selection screen but then WAIT and only after I click on a bar within the chart it should fire the "select" event.