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Registration data exist in application after closing application without delete registration

Jan 23 at 05:05 PM


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My client facing very critical problems.

It's cordova based mobile application using kapsel logon plugin. Registration screen is completely customised(username and password taking from user).

Application crashed and logged with previous data in ios and android respectively. This happen when user not perform logged out or delete registration.

I think data is exist in sap logon plugin data vault and registration screen.

Please help me out. If you required more information i will share in comment.

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2 Answers

Jitendra Kansal
Jan 23 at 05:24 PM

Fenil Doshi

Did i understand it correctly when you say "Registration data exist in application after closing application"

You start app (very first time) > Login with username/password> you get app data

and then you put app in background or kill the app from background (app is still there on device) and now relaunch it, you are seeing app data without asking credentials. Right?

If so, are you not expecting this flow?



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Hi Jitendra Kansal,

Thank you for your response.

After relaunch the application my custom login page open. I can't see registration page in device because we have developed own login page where user enter username and password.

After relaunching app, user entering username and password and reinitialize the application. See, it is saying register data stored in sap logon protected file.

In android application logged with previous data and in ios application crashed or no response from odata.

I hope your are getting?


Can you help me "How to clear registered data stored in sap logon data vault and registration screen?"


I would suggest you to raise an OSS ticket for app crashing topic with all details , app code, logs etc.

You should also mention how you developed own login page




Is there any other option to overcome this problem.


can you help me "How to update kapsel sdk?"

Khurshid Ansari Feb 16 at 10:45 AM

I resolve the problem by updating sap kapsel sdk.

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