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Does BusinessObjects 4.2 SP5 really Oracle 12 R2 ODBC8?

Jan 23 at 04:46 PM


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According to the What's new in 4.2 SP5, and the new section in the oracle.sbo in the jdbc data access, there is technically a new database section called

<DataBase Active="Yes" Name="Oracle 12c Release 2">

While earlier Oracle JDBC entries were ojdbc6.jar for Oracle 11 and prior, and I was able to get away with using ojdbc7.jar for the Oracle 12c release entry. Technically the ojdbc8.jar entry is the one from oracle that is the Oracle 12c R2 version. Is this now supported, or should we still be using the ojdbc7.jar against the R2 version? I know there has been incompatabilities in prior versions.

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Not answering your question, but just FYI - the "7" and "8" in the file name refer to the version of the JRE that the library is compiled for. BO4.2 ships with JRE 8 so ojdbc8 should work for 12cR2. See here for the version matrix:

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Sonet Kebede
Jan 24 at 02:28 PM


SAP support Oracle 12c R2 with Oracle JDBC Version 12c r2 which is ojdbc8.jar with JDK 8.

SP support Oracle 12c with Oracle JDBC 12c which is ojdbc7.jar with JDK 7 and JDK 8

ojdbc6.jar with JDK 6.

I hope I answered your question.



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