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Jan 23, 2018 at 02:42 PM

BPC NW 10.1 (BW 7.5 SP05) : logic script with hierarchy node

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Hello BPC expert,

I have a rather simple query that would need the use of logic script.

The logic script must do a multiplication between an account and a hierarchy and the result of this multiplication can be stored in another account.

Let us take an example :

- I have an account called "TAX_RATE" and an hierarchy account called "PBIT". TAX_RATE is completed through input form. Hierarchy accounts have input data and journals data.

- PBIT has other hierarchy nodes below and of course base level accounts (such as P701000, P701020).

- Destination account can be called "RESULT".

- taxe rate is 0,20. PBIT has a total of 100,00€ where P701000 is 60,00€ and P701020 is 40,00€. RESULT would simply be 20,00€.

I have researched on forums regarding this matter and found some blogs such as "BPC script for dummies" but couldn't find answers to multiply with a node member.

I therefore tried an alternative by creating a property "GROUP" where I fill "PBIT" for every account that needs to be multiplied.

Here is the script (in DEFAULT.LGF) I wrote :


Each time I save a figure on TAX_RATE through input form, I got the following error message :

System does not recognize an account that does exist in the dimension.

What can I do to multiply a simple base level member with an hierarchy ?

Thank you in advance for your help,



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