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Jan 23, 2018 at 08:30 AM

Special Character load in BPC 10.1 through Flat File


Hello Everyone,

I am working on BPC 10.1 on traditional BW. Currently I am loading Employee master data from Flat Files and employees belong to different countries have their own special characters for name.

When I load master data from flat file to Employee dimension, Data gets loaded successfully but all the special characters are showing incorrectly. Can you please update what to do to load this special characters ?

P.S. If I try to load master data from SAP BW which also has some special characters then system takes care of it because it's coming from SAP BW. I have attached screenshot of Flat file and BPC Dimension for your reference.

Thanks for all your input & feedback in advance.flat-file-employee-master.jpgbpc-employee-1.jpgbpc-employee-2.jpg


bpc-employee-1.jpg (49.8 kB)
bpc-employee-2.jpg (49.3 kB)