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May 20, 2008 at 11:27 AM

How to allow expired certificate for SSL in TREX



we are running a SAP Test-Portal EP 7.00 SP12 which is accessable via webdispatcher. We use SSL between Browser and webdispatcher and SSL is terminated on the webdispatcher. For SSL we use a test-certificate issued by an official CA, which has expired in the meantime. For test purposes it is sufficient to accept the browser-pop-up notifying about the expired Zertificate when we sign into the Test-Portal. We have also connected a Test-TREX 7.0 Build 25 to the Test-Portal and we have configured the TREX for using SSL by importing the Root- and Own-certificate from the webdispatcher into the pse of the TREX. The TREX Preprocessor however cannot handle the expired certificate and the Repositories couldn't be indexed any more since the expiration of the test-certificate. Is it possible to tell the TREX to ignore the expired certificate, since a) we dont't want to buy an official certificate for a test landscape, b) we don't want to renew the test certificate every 4 weeks and c) we dont't want to implement home-made certificates for this purpose. We tried the last option before we got the test-certificate from the CA but without success.

Is there a way to tell the TREX to accept "expired" or "unsecure" certificates for SSL?

Best regards

Michael Remensperger