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May 20, 2008 at 10:41 AM

Problem in merging two files using BPM


Hello Frens,

I am doing a scenario for merging of two files N:1 using BPMu2026

I have to merge two files into one file. The two input files are as below :

File1 : Id, Name, Age, Place

File2 : ID, Street, Adrress

And output File is : ID, Name, Age,place, street, Address

For this scenario I have defined three datatypes , message types and the message interfaces as below :

For File1: Mi_file1_ob, Mi_file1_abs

For File2: Mi_file2_ob, Mi_file2_abs

For output : mi_output_ib, mi_ouput_abs

In interface mapping I have selected two source interface and one targetu2026

For Integration process I have selected two receives as two branches of fork and transformation to collect them and a send..

In IR part I have defined three communication channels sender1, sender2 and a receiver . I have imported the integration from IP and rest is sameu2026

I am facing a problem for getting the outputu2026

When I checked in sxmb_moni everything is fine and sxi_cache and the return code is also 0 but I am not getting the outputu2026

Can anyone help me in finding out the problem..

Thanks in advance...