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May 20, 2008 at 10:06 AM

Trusted RFC and Remote logon not possible due to Nat'd IP addresses



We are trying to connect our SolMan 4 to our cusotmers ECC 6 and BI7 systems, the systems are off site and the IP addresses for the customers systems are nat'd when they come in and go out from our Network.

The problem we get is that we cannot set up Trusted systems or Remote Logon to these systems due to issues with the Nating of the IP adresses. We can set up all standard RFC's after adding the the appropriate addresses into the hosts file and they work fine. But the trusted RFC does not set up properly and the BACK rfc from the satelite system does not get set up properly. What appears to happen is that when you try to start a remote session SAP goes to the satelite system and finds the Instance Name and the local IP address rather than the NAT'd IP address and try's to open a session from there. I found this by going into the trusted RFC in SM59 and then going to Extra's, System Information, Target System, this then tells me the Target System information, where it shows the System ID and IP address (which is the incorrect IP address).

Anyone know how we can get the system to try to have the correct IP adress in the target system information so that we can get Remote Logon's to work??