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Custom File Event not being fired consistently

Jan 22 at 04:42 PM


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We have about a dozen custom file events each based on a file that gets deleted and recreated so that we know a corresponding datasource has been loaded for the day and we can run dependent reports. That has been working fine for 5+ years.

A few months ago I added a new event in the same mold to detect a new datasource load. It works sometime, but not reliably. The file is its own folder, but shares the same parent folder as the other events.

We have deleted and recreated the event. That did not help.

We restarted the Adaptive Job Servers. That did not help.

After a full system restart for unrelated maintenance it seemed that things were working again. For about a week. The event did not fire this morning when the corresponding file as deleted and recreated.

Any suggestions?

We are on BOE 4.1 SP06 Patch 4.



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Joe Peters Jan 22 at 04:59 PM

Are you waiting between deleting the file and re-creating it? I've found that a pause of at least a few seconds is necessary.

For all of my file events, I have a process that deletes them as soon as the event is fired.

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I am not waiting in between. On one of my other file events I am not waiting and it seems to be working fine. The other have a built-in wait time. I will add that and update with my results.


Building in some wait time seems to have worked.