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How to move BODS Components to another server!!

Oct 24, 2016 at 10:47 AM


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I have two servers. Server 1 where I have BI platform and two DS components:

- Data Services Management Console

- Data Services APS Service

and Server 2 where I have BODS server with rest of components (job server etc.). Server 2 is the main DS server which I'm using.

Now I would like to move those DS components from Server 1 to Server 2. I removed DataServices from Server 1. What is next?

I tried to install IPS in Server 2 but I'm not sure which options should I choose. I do not want to change anything is database and do not want to lose something.

The second questions when I tried add those two components in Server 2 I can not choose options (they are grayed out) even I added a new SIA. Do you know what cause the issue? Maybe I did something wrong.

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2 Answers

Aasavari Bhave
Oct 26, 2016 at 03:24 PM

You need to install IPS on Server 2 - choosing customer install selecting only Platform Processing Services under platform services and Web Tier on Server 2. This will create a SIA and tomcat and deploy CMC on server 2.

Then you need to run DS installer to install EIM APS on server 2 and management console ( web tier which will be deployed to tomcat).

Why do you want to do this? The EIM APS still needs to talk to CMS on server 1. It is totally fine for EIM APS to continue running on server 1 as well as management console and server 2 can be dedicated for job processing - which could be more resource demanding.

Check Master Guide for various install scenarios:

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Former Member Nov 16, 2016 at 01:54 PM

Thank you for your answer.

Before you answered me I have tried to install IPS but I have choosen all IPS components. SIA was created succesfully. During IPS installation I have chosen CMS databse on server 1 (Audit database too). Unfortunately when I'm trying to add BODS components they are grayed out. What I did next...I have unistalled Dataservices on server 2 and try install once again. I'm receiving warning that "No valid local SIA nodes exist for the given CMS". I have no idea what is going on. What if I rollback machine from snapshot and install IPS with different settings? I would like to create new audit and cms database only for dataservices.BODS repository is stored on different database so I will not loose any data correct? Server 2 will be seperated from server 1 and everything should work without anyy issues, right?

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