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The DB Connector 'crdb_oracl.dll' coiuld not be loaded

Jan 22 at 01:54 PM


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My organization recently switched to Crystal Reports Version Whenever I try to test a report I get the message:

Failed to load database information. Details: The database connector 'crdb_oracle.dll' could not be loaded. The correct version of the database client for this database might not be installed.

I found this issue on some other forums but their fix did not work for me. I tried installing the Oracle client first.

I followed all the steps I think and yet it still doesn't work.

Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?

If I use a MS SQL ODBC connection to our MS SQL DB which populates these reports, I can, from within Crystal reports, browse data in the field explorer.



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2 Answers

Vitaly Izmaylov
Jan 22 at 05:17 PM

The error message is referring to Oracle database.

To connect CR to Oracle database using Native driver crdb_oracle.dll you need to have 32 bit Oracle Client installed on the machine.

The version of the Oracle Client better be at the same version as Oracle database.

The best indicator if Crystal Reports found the proper Oracle client is the "Oracle Server" option in Database Expert. Create a new Blank report in Crystal Reports designer and look for the Oracle Server in the list of Connections in the Database Expert.

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Alistar Baker Jan 25 at 02:07 PM


The reports were apparently developed using oracle but we use MS SQL. They probably ported the data over to MS SQL. I've linked Crystal Reports to MS SQL via ODBC. I can build a new report with that connection. I replace the old database link with the new one on an existing report, but still get this error even after installing the 32 bit client Oracle client (which doesn't make sense anyway). I mentioned that I'd already installed the 32 bit client in the original post.

The point is, we aren't using an Oracle DB, the developers who made these reports were. Now were on a MS SQL DB but even if I connect to it in CR, trying to preview the results of a report throws up the error I mentioned.

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