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May 20, 2008 at 08:40 AM

Business system/service Service without party: info needed



I am a newbie in XI world. I have a scenario of interfacing a 3rd party system to R/3 via XI. This system will dump a file to XI which needs to be converted to IDOC for R/3 use and later an outbound interface should send some data in a file format to this 3rd party system.

As per various blogs, I have managed to define business system and basid IR config. Since this a 2 way asyncronous interface, I wanted to know

1> In XI, do I need to create a separate Buss System for 3rd Party sender interface( legacy->XI->R/3)

and a new Buss system for 3rd party Receiver interface.(R/3->Xi>Legacy). However in R/3 should I can create only one and assign the inbound/outbound IDOC partner profiles. ( But do the names of legacy systems in R/3 and XI have to be same)

2> What is the difference between Party and Service without Party( I saw these in ID). Do I need to define party for my interface scenario. If yes, How?

3> For testing, I wanted XI to pick files from my desktop and then post to R/3. As per various sdn threads, I realise, I need to give the IP of my PC and use Service without party. Since I am new in this area, I do not know how to define this serv-without party for my scenario. Any blogs or threads which define this would be very helpful.

Appreciate your help and time.

Helpful answers will be rewarded.

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